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"Your body deserves the best!"

ROWLAR NUTRITION is a food-tech company that, based on science of natural ingredients and nutrigenomics, develops scientifically validated sports and health supplements. Based on 100% Chicken Protein.

Production is established in The Netherlands. Our products are FSSC 22000 and Halal certified.

In a world where technology is everywhere, the value of being user-friendly is easy to understand. While you may not want to get bogged down with the technicalities when selecting a protein, you should know that the body finds some proteins more user-friendly than others. A protein’s biological value is a number that indicates how efficiently the human body can use a specific protein. 

The higher a protein’s biological value, the more usable it is. Complete proteins, which are proteins that contain all of the essential amino acids that the body must secure from food sources, tend to rank higher than incomplete proteins. This is because they deliver more of the crucial building blocks that the body needs to maintain and improve its health.

How do whey and chicken fare? As animal products, both are complete proteins, so both score high biological values. This means that both whey and chicken can do an excellent job of delivering vital nutrition that the body can use to thrive. However, we must note that Chicken Protein is free of any sort of lactose. Which is a plus for many people.

Benefits of Hydrolyzed Chicken Protein Isolate

Source of Essential Amino Acids ⬡
Gluten Free ⬡
No sugar ⬡
Low in fat ⬡
Promotes muscle growth and regeneration ⬡
Clean Label ingredients ⬡
Halal Certified ⬡
Excellent absorbency and usability ⬡
Highest Level of Protein Ever: 93% ⬡

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